September 15, 2015 admin


The Challenge

The licensee has had experience with a retail arcade of 15 shops in the centre of Sydney with a large passing traffic of pedestrians per morning/afternoon transiting from and to work and home. The current chiller located on the roof of the 20 storey building above was old and run down. The split condenser system was down to its last two condensers and the retailers were starting to raise concerns about the quality of the cool air coming through their air conditioning systems which were connected to the chiller as well as suitability of the air temperature in the arcade which affects through traffic and clientele.

The Strategy

Whilst the scheme had a building manager and an air conditioning contractor on site, the licensee co-ordinated the Executive Committee and a specialised independent consultant to discuss the retail arcades needs, write a scope for the termination and removal of the old chiller by crane over a weekend, write a scope for the installation (nominating preferred machinery) and tendering in the market place on a like for like basis, analyse all submissions and make recommendations on the preferred contractor.

The licensee documented all the co-ordination and timing for ease of reference for the Executive Committee and building manager. Any Owner or potential new Owner was able to see how the decision was made by the Executive Committee and understand the status of the replacement.

The Result

The chiller was replaced for a cost of over $100K and the appointment of the consultant saved the scheme and a group of non-technical Owners valuable funds. The new chiller is more energy efficient, quieter, has appropriate warranties in place and a maintenance agreement for its on-going periodical servicing. The retailers are pleased with their new chiller and are now even considering using the above strategy to upgrade the appearance of the retail arcade and its entrance.