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The Challenge

The licensee has had experience with a medium sized building in a chic part of town. The residents are predominantly young professionals and the standards demanded for cleanliness are high.

The challenge facing this building was having a cleaner that was not performing and homeless people gathering in front of the building during the night creating additional work for the cleaner on a daily basis.

The Strategy

With the Executive Committee resolution, the scheme determined it was an appropriate time to review the current cleaning contractor. At the same time, the building agreed to review the services of the part time building manager and have both the services incorporated into one caretaking roll.

Accordingly, the licensee was instructed to write a scope of works, new contract and nominate appropriate contractors that could take on the new roll.

The licensee co-ordinated the tendering of the new roll, created a matrix to assess the submissions and sat on the sub-committee for the review of the new caretaker.

The Result

With the assessment matrix circulated to the Executive Committee, a short list of the tendering was made and the cleaning sub-committee interviewed the 3 companies.

Following the interviews, the cleaning sub-committee made a recommendation with reasoning for the appointment of a new cleaner/caretaker who continues to clean the scheme to date.

The scheme was impressed by the cleaning undertaken by the new contractor that the building also introduced a weekend clean to ensure the standard for the buildings cleanliness was preserved all week round.

The scheme has now introduced a quarterly walk around with the caretaker to determine where attention to any missed detail is required.

The scheme has now also taken a further step (approved by the local council) for their building streets to be re-zoned to an alcohol free zone, allowing the police to move on the homeless people who gathered at night; drinking, causing noise and additional cleaning duties for the schemes cleaner.