January 15, 2016 admin


The Challenge

The licensee has had experience with one of the Australia’s largest Strata Schemes and whilst the majority of the motions on the Annual General Meeting Notice were not contentious, proper preparation for the meeting was essential.

The challenge was to understand which of the 450 proxies held were valid, which Owners were financial and how to collate all votes during the AGM quickly.

The Strategy

Instead of having a summary of owners, their financial positions and voting entitlement in 3 – 5 different reports, a simple computer programme was developed to allow attendees to be registered and votes to be counted on the night.

In addition to the above computer programme being created, attendees voting papers were distributed on registration at the meeting to ensure an accurate summary of votes could be confirmed, should Owners wish to inspect the summary of votes of the meeting.

The Result

Before the commencement of the meeting, the licensee could declare the number of Owners present, proxies held and during the meeting declare accurately the resolution to a motion on the agenda whether it was an ordinary or special resolution.

Following the meeting, a summary of attendance and votes was placed on top of the Annual General Meeting file for future review and ease of reference.