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The Challenge

The licensee has had experience with a medium sized building in a multi-award winning development where many of the residents had previously lived in large houses. Moving into the development gave them an opportunity to down-size as family obligations reduced.

The challenge was to maintain the development and original character for which residents purchased and moved into. With many of the residents down-sizing from larger homes, loose storage of furniture, sporting goods and general items became a challenge.

Issues with fire compliance, OH & S and general appearance of the car park were evident that the Executive Committee sought our input to clean up the car park.

The Strategy

To help facilitate the clean-up of the car park, a simple to follow matrix was created and updated regularly for the licensees and Executive Committees ease of reference.

An initial letter was circulated to all residents reminding them of the need to have a clean car space. Options for permanent storage solutions were also provided.

Follow –up letters targeted those residents that continued to breach the initial letter. Following a final letter, mediation applications were made against the residents in breach.

At the same time as the above was occurring, we spoke to residents and property managers to resolve timing issues for car spaces nominating to be cleaned up.

The Result

From an initial large number of 60+ residents storing items in their car spaces, the number reduced to 14 mediation applications being made to fair trading and subsequently, 1 mediation being held. The car park is now considered to be free of loose storage items.

It demonstrated that the process (which is an on-going one) works and the above fire compliance, OH & S issues and general appearance was no longer an issue with the car park being considered to be spotless.